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I’m getting bummed out about how many people I’m close to are falling off the How To Be A Decent Human Being spectrum, lately.

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I just recently got around to listening to Kremlin’s Last Last EP. I guess because it was the last thing they released before breaking up, they had a chance to be a little more experimental. This is my favorite track from the tape.

Kremlin, you are sorely missed. 


Fuck all of these pricks forever



This should be mandatory reading before you make a stupid comments like “How are they benefitting from this? Its not like I’m going to buy their cars or something” 

Do you really think you’re instinctual response is going to outsmart teams of people who’s full time job it is to manipulate you? Do you actually believe corporations are going to give out a free lunch? 

"We had to be very creative with what we had to plan out, get the impressions, all that stuff. Because we are a smaller brand than Toyota, we had to be really deliberate with our branding and messaging. It looks to a lot of people like we don’t care. But we craft and strategize every single dime we spend to make sure we’re getting something out of it."

"For example, we go to Columbus, Ohio. We have Rock Fest. Scion takes over the town. We get social media out of it. We get the reputation with the bands, the labels and the management teams. We get press. And from there, it’s a slower path to get to car sales, but that, builds loyalty and that top-of-mind. We’ve looked on a lot of blogs. We’re constantly looking at what people are talking about Scion whenever we do a release or an event. And the feedback you always see is kids saying “They’re supporting the community,” “It’s a free show,” etc.

"Yeah. They’ll stick up for Scion in a conversation. That was very surprising to me. That was worthy for me to print out and show to my upper management. They defend a brand, and they can distinguish between “selling out” and “artists need to pay bills.” We didn’t see any of that with the garage rock kids. We’re out of garage, because those people really did not stick whatsoever."

"We let them know all of our restrictions. We try to avoid artists that are negative, that show anti-whatever, as much as we can. Then we start doing the artwork, and they say “We just want to put this pentagram in there.” We’re like “You can’t really do that.” We put that all up front.

"We did a deal with one of the labels and they had an image of them burning money, which is an illegal act. We went back and forth a couple times, and I said “You know what, I don’t want this to turn sour. We’ll just do a kill fee. You guys can do whatever you want with the record, and I’m totally fine.” We walk away. If there is a band that does something obviously negative, like putting swastikas in their artwork, we’re not going to support that. We have a list of “Here’s what we stay away from.” And if they don’t want to do it, that’s totally fine. They don’t have to work with Scion, we don’t have to work with them."

“I tried to do an initiative where we addressed the aging rap artist area. These guys are not going to the doctor, they’re getting sick, they have bad health, they don’t have health insurance. They’ve spent all their money. What do you do about that?”

To me this read really condescendingly like “Metal fans are great because they’re unthinking consumers who’ll love you like a puppy if you give them free stuff” and “Its great that musicians have to struggle to get by, it makes them easier to exploit”

Fuck off ALL Scion supporters.

DiE - Life Is Hate
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Deadless Muss - Never Say Die
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Get to the point, you’re getting to me. 


5/3 Toronto @ Soybomb w/ Full Of Hell, Column Of Heaven


5/6 Detroit @ Yonka House w/ Freedom, Cross Me*


5/7 Chicago @ Club Rectum w/ Safety Word, Nubiles, Glov*


punch these nerds for me in the pit


Midnight, Abyss, and more bands TBA July 12th 2014 at the Bovine in Toronto. #midnight #abyss #fire #satanicroyalty


Midnight, Abyss, and more bands TBA July 12th 2014 at the Bovine in Toronto. #midnight #abyss #fire #satanicroyalty