it's hopeless

SoulseekNS forever, fuck this Soulseek Qt noise. 

I won’t say one word. 

Gas Rag - Annihilation
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Yeah, not as good as The Seer. “Oxygen” is the shit though.
I feel like they tried to recreate early Swans, but make it more rock-sounding. And I mean, going back to that sound was a good idea, but I guess they missed the part where Swans is supposed to sound evil.



It really makes me cringe when white people have dreadlocks.

It really makes me cringe when people think they have the right to tell other people how to wear their hair.

This is the description of this person’s profile. Makes sense that they would respond that way, right?

No privileges will be checked here, so if you’re a sjw, don’t bother. I don’t care what privileges you have or don’t have either.I find criticizing the antics of sjw’s darkly amusing, but I’ll also criticize people on the other side of the fence if they happen to inspire me to do so. Egaltarian.

Crisis - Holocaust

Zipperhead - Sophisto
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I didn’t think I’d ever even dislike a Swans record, but To Be Kind is shaping up to be a bummer in the bad way.

Oh well, they’ll always be incredible live.