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Since this whole “Raping the East” ordeal only came to my attention last night, and I didn’t even really have time to look into what was said/what happened, I’ve decided to address it now. It is incredibly stupid and not funny on any level, that a band would decide to name their tour that, and anyone who chooses not to book them because of it is totally in the right. Frankly, it’s disappointing to see something like this, especially since I’m a huge fan of the music that comes out of the Tampa scene. People claiming that punk is supposed to be dangerous, controversial, piss people off, etc.: grow the fuck up. I honestly can’t believe anyone is even defending them on this, because there’s nothing even witty or subtle about it, and it’s not like you could attribute it to being part of their aesthetic, or something like that. 

So yes, it’s been established that this sucks. But, like most discussions of this sort that I partake in on tumblr, I’m somehow still not satisfied with the people in agreement that this was stupid. Why? Because, let’s be honest…most of you care an awful lot about rape in theory, and when you’re behind your computer screen, but how many of you have actually made an effort to expose people who you know have done shit like this in your respective communities? I can bet it’s close to zero. This isn’t at all an attempt to downplay the whole “Raping the East” thing, and anyone who’s actually been involved in dealing with it…I commend anyone who has. It’s more so a retort to those who consistently act like they’re so passionate about these things online, but don’t apply that same enthusiasm in real life (most people, really). 

You might say “but they’re not really doing any damage, and any activism is good activism”. That’s true, in a sense, but my issue is that it gives the impression that there is a lot being done with regard to these things, when there really isn’t. Most of it is just blind reblogs of shit, or two words of someone going “FUCK THAT”. It’s extremely idealistic to even imagine that it could be this way, but if as many people actually cared as those that pretend they do, things might be a lot different.

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